The final results, October 2019

final poster

In this handbook (pdf-file) you can find our final results and  you can view the pdf-file of our final poster.

Impression of a successful project – Poster created by Greece project students

griech final poster edited


Ideas for a project logo, November 2017


Wall painting as a project reminder at each school, April 2018


Italy – Art

In Italy the participants came in close contact with the Italian art and culture of the area, they explored their new surroundings. Additionally, first basic vocabulary skills were learned through useful word lists in five languages.

Product example Italy – Vocabulary Sheet Family

Product example Italy – Food and Culture


Poland – Music

During the meeting in Poland the participants created an international song and built instruments to use during the performance.

Product Poland 1 – How to make an instrument

Product Poland 2 – Songtext

Product Poland 3 – Recipe Polish cake


Greece – Computer Skills

During the meeting in Greece the students tested and learned new computer skills such as learning to type in different languages, communicating via different programmes and social media and they created their own digital content in individual presentations.

Product Greece – Development of computer skills – a manual


Germany – Sport

Gruppenbild final small

At the final meeting in Germany students developed their own sports games. For doing that they needed to work on the specific vocabulary before working on rules for their games.

table for necessary vocab. German version (pdf-file)

DSC_6224_editedDSC_6226 editedDSC_6230 edited